My ‘Happiness Infection’ movie recommendation

Room 6 @ Glen InnesSchool

I like this movie because it is very funny and makes me laugh every time I watch it and I like when they run because they run like funny people.

When I watched it I thought it was going to be a sad movie because of the start  at the start of the movie there was just people that had  emotional damage but when I watched it half way it was very very funny  I already watched it 6 times  and that’s my favorite movie to watch that’s why I recommend this movie.

The Stone Cottage

Yesterday we had a trip to a very old cottage and when we went through the gate, we met Terry. After she introduced herself she showed us what the main street looked like in old photos. When she finished, we went around the house to look at the pretty and gorgeous flowers outside but when we came back there was a man called Patrick there. Terry said if we wanted to ask questions we could ask him because he knows a lot about Panmure.


When we went inside we went to the first room, the meeting room. That place is the place where the owner and his friends met up and talked about things that were important in the old days, while the ladies were doing the chores in the kitchen. While they were talking the ladies made dinner for them and they would talk until dinner was finished.


When we were finished with the first room we went to the next room that belonged to Phoebe Dunn. Terry told us that in the 1900’s that the women were very thin but they wore colossal underwear and then she showed us an old knitting machine. After that we went to the kitchen.


In the kitchen Terry showed us an old pot and instead of the baby food we have now they would put the food into the machine and then mash it up. But then Patrick came and asked us if we knew a toy called stilts that the kids used to play with back in the day.


When we went to the next room Patrick showed us a map he said that Aotearoa actually means north and when we went to the last room there were clothes that got donated  that show what the people used to wear. Instead of a toilet the people would use a potty!!


It was a very interesting visit because I have never seen so many old things in one place before.






Cycling Safely

Yesterday when I came to class I remembered that cycling was starting today. When the instructors came they introduced themselves as Kyla and Kate. They work for Auckland Transport and Bigfoot Adventures, which goes to schools and makes sure children learn how to cycle safely.

First we had a clothes check. We need to wear bright clothes so drivers can see us when we are cycling on the road .

Next we went outside and we wore our gear to get ready to ride the bikes. Before we started riding, Kyla asked us if we were feeling confident or not. The ones who weren’t confident went  with Kate but the confident people stayed with Kyla.

When we went with Kyla she said to remember the tests for checking the bikes: the air, brakes, quick drop, and quick release. Some people remembered it and some people didn’t so they asked the people who remembered. The first thing that we did with our bikes was practicing our hand signals like stop signs and turn signs. After that we all came in and started talking about the rules because we kept on breaking them!.

So when we finished the lesson we played a quick game. It is called ‘buddy up’ but then we had to say good bye. I really had fun today and learned a lot about keeping safe whilst cycling. At the beginning of the day, I felt a bit nervous because I had only ridden on a small bike. I managed to get my balance and ride well on the big school bikes.


My Swimming Experience 😁

This year we’ve been having swimming lessons at CLM the bay pool. Rm 6, Rm 7 and Rm 8 students were separated into girl and  boy groups. When I hopped into the pool I met my instructor Izzy. She taught me how to do a hand stand under water and then she taught us how to go on our backs and float. It was so easy but when she said to go on your front I knew I was going to run out of breath and I did. At least people were struggling like I was. When the girls came for their turn I felt sad but then I knew we were coming back the next day.

Izzy showed us a shocking  move under water – she literally did a hand stand while walking underwater. We were shocked but I tried.  Only my friend Pio and I did it for 2 seconds but no one else could do it in our group.

On the third day it turned out to be the greatest day of my life since up till then we weren’t allowed to do manus but that day we were allowed. The teacher covered her eyes because she thought we were going to get hurt but guess what we didn’t. I couldn’t go to the last lesson because I was sick. I learned a lot and can’t wait until next year.










Last week we were learning about the Matariki stars and we even learned about  Paptuanuku and Ranginui being separated by their son, Tane. Ranginui was separated to the sky and Papatuanuku was separated to the earth. The god of wind was not very happy about that so he raged in anger and pulled his eyes out and crushed them and threw them onto his dad’s chest in the sky. To this day he still blows his anger, as a wind around New Zealand, and we get a lot of that!

Characterization of Fingerbone Bill

I am old. When I met Storm Boy I think I scared him at first because I came out of nowhere and gave him a fright when I welcomed him to the Coorong. I have a very wrinkly face but I have lots of energy to teach Storm Boy about nature. I have so much knowledge of this area because my ancestors have lived here for hundreds of years. I love Storm Boy like my own son and I even put up a pole high on the beach so he can find his way home during a storm.

I am…………………………….. Fingerbone Bill

Fingerbone Bill

I am old .When I met  Storm Boy I think I scared him at first, because I came out of nowhere and gave him a fright. I   have a very wrinkly face but I have lots of energy to teach Storm Boy about nature. l have so much knowledge of this area because my ancestors have lived here for hundreds of years. I love Storm Boy like my own son and I even put up a pole to help him go home if he is ever lost in a storm. 

What does your digital foot print say about you?

Today June 15th 2023 we were researching people in other schools. I chose Panmure Bridge student called Keira and I had to make informed guesses about her from the information she shared. . We have to be careful what we post online and only say positive, thoughtful comments about others.

Our ki o rahi tournament

Yesterday, on the 14th June 2023 all of our house teams were versing one another in a game of ki o rahi.  The first round and my name was called out. I was so nervous because I had to play against some kids from room 7 and 8. The second game we lost to Totara and we were the taniwha but it was not that bad actually. It was totally hilarious and we all had fun.  At the end of the game we came last and Kauri won the tournament. To be honest it dosen’t matter who won because we all had a great time playing sport together.