ANZAC Biscuits

ANZAC Biscuits

Last Thursday we were learning  about ANZAC cookies and their history. In the 1915’s there was a World War and our soldiers were fighting in war as well as the women nursing the wounded soldiers. Families back home baked these biscuits and sent them to them a long way away. They had to travel a long way but they were still nice when they got there. I tried it and it tasted marvellously sweet and even others thought it was lovely too. It felt like a round log because it was circular. In the end I WANTED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

175th Jubilee

On Sunday 19 March, I woke up to a mad back, but I was still happy because it was the 175th jubilee celebration at school. When we arrived at school we were one hour late and when I went inside to go to my seat I was so squished so the other people could have space [we did that to be kind].

A while later Tongan people started to walk down the aisle singing a Tongan song. Two men were carrying a fata with a girl sitting on it. After that we went to the hall and sang two songs called MO MARIA, E TI WE E and the Irish blessing. After that we had to leave because of family business but I was happy to be a part of the 175th jubilee.



This morning Mrs Grant came to our  class and she gave us activities on our Chromebooks. One was teaching us how to use our keyboards and some of the activities were easy and others were harder.  My friends were asking me questions so I couldn’t concentrate properly. My favourite shortcut is to press Ctl Shift t to get back to tab you were on before. It was a fun session.

Malo lei lei This is me – Theo

Malo lei lei ! My name is Theo, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in year 5 and my teacher is Mrs Agnew. My favorite subject is reading,ER,inquire and I enjoy learning about tigers.  I am good at rugby,soccer,and painting.  My goal for this year is to Reading,writing,and RE. In my spare time I like to draw.

Preparing For Athletics Day

After morning tea we went to the field and met Coach Bart.

After he introduced himself we had to run inside a  square and we had to run on our toes and then our heels. We had to run low and run high and after that he said “which one was the easiest?” We all said  “stand tall and on our toes.”

After that we played a game called sheepdog which is a game when two people have to be the dogs  and they have to chase the others with a noodle and tag them inside a square.   It’s so fun playing that game and we got so hot also.

After that we learned how to start a running race with “on your mark, get set, go.” So we got into four groups and then we waited behind the line for the coach to tell us to “go.” We had to run as fast as we could up to the wall. I accidentally ran a crooked line but then I got the hang of it.

After that we huddled up then he asked us some questions then we went back in class. THE END








The Stolen Princess

At the beginning of the term we made potato people. My potato was so big and I thought that it was going to be easy but of course I was  wrong  – it was harder than I thought. It took a lot of tooth picks, glue, material and my brain working hard but we finished our potatoes after 3 weeks! We decided we were going to use our potatoes to make a story for our class movie and Ms Toland said we could make a stop motion movie using them.

We had to make four background for our movie. They were inside the castle, a party scene, the evil layer and a rocket. I was part of the evil layer and we got to paint a box black and grey and stars and planets. Then we went with Ms Toland to the library to film our part of the movie. I really enjoyed it and want to se the end movie one day. THE END



This Monday we played basketball. Our coach’s name is Tray. He is the best coach. Our first session was shooting the ball in the hoop and then we played red light, green light, yellow light, purple light and last but not least blue light. After that we played Bull dog. It’s a game when we line up beside each other  at the end of the court and then the coach picks a person.  The person needs to snatch the ball from the people. Oh and the others have to run to the other side  with the ball and after that we finished .THE END


Animation Blog The flash

We have been making animation on our chrome books in Google slides.

I really enjoyed this because I like it when we create Google slides.

My favourite part was when I liked it when I made my favourite character The flash got the bad guys.

My story is about the flash so when the bad guy came he caught the flashes dad and then he put bombs in the house and then the flash had powers and then got the bad guy.